CAAT Center
Partner Youth Programs

Legacy Arts Club

Legacy Arts Chester is an organization on a mission to empower the youth of Chester and equip our city to flourish through the arts. Through teen art programs, mural projects and mentorship, we are committed to seeing our community thrive.


Purpose Performers

We perform with PURPOSE! Our classes our for children from ages 4-16, and feature classes in ballet, jazz, modern, hip hop, and acro.


House of Maci Lago Modeling Troop 

Our mission is to empower youth to love themselves by building self-esteem, fighting depression, mental health, and anxiety through the art of runway modeling and dance.

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Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation

The mission of the Andrew L. Hicks, Jr. Foundation is to share the love of Christ by connecting two culturally diverse communities, empowering their youth through mentorship and leadership, and building dynamic futures.