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CAAT-tober | A Month-Long Celebration of the Downtown CAAT | Events In Review

The Downtown CAAT celebrated its grand opening all October long! Take a look back with us as we reminisce about the events that made it ever so memorable!


The Beauty and Brains Emanating Sisterhood (BABES) event held on September 30, 2023, was a dynamic and engaging gathering. The event featured a canvas art project led by Kathleen Arthur of TRACE, where attendees had the opportunity to express their creativity through art. Tiana Caldwell of Purpose Performers brought energy and fun to the event with a dance session, adding a lively and interactive element. Additionally, Susan from Halo Marie Productions facilitated a theater improvisation session, allowing participants to unleash their spontaneity and creativity.

The event saw a significant turnout, with attendees thoroughly enjoying the diverse activities. The combination of the canvas art project, dance session, and theater improvisation created a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere. Participants left the event with a sense of fulfillment, having had a great time engaging in various forms of artistic expression and bonding with fellow attendees in the spirit of sisterhood.

Back To Business

Johnnie Mae Adult Jam Session

On Friday, October 27th, Johnnie Mae hosted her Adult Jam Session, and we were so excited to see all the artists who came out! Creativity flowed effortlessly as we sang, recited poetry, and jammed to the music all night long. Special shout out to DJ Deuxrelle and GL Santana on the 1’s and 2’s, Moore Than Food for providing the delicious eats, and IIINI for the live entertainment.

TWOI Glow Party

#GlowItUp 🌟💚🌟💛🌟🧡

The runway was on fire at TWOI's Glow Party & Fashion Show! 🔥 Our little stars truly stole the spotlight, strutting their stuff like the pros they are. 🌟

Thank you to our talented fashion designers for treating the audience to a spectacle of style and creativity showcasing their incredible creations. 👗👠✨

But that's not all! The night was filled with captivating live performances that left everyone in awe. 🎤🕺💃

After the runway, our young fashionistas enjoyed an exclusive kids-only glow party. 💃🕺🎉

We're thrilled to call our 2nd annual fashion show a successful event and can't wait to see you next year. 🌟✨

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