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Hooper Council Positive Potential Project

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Project Initiative The Hooper Councill Positive Potential Project (HCP3), in partnership with the Chester Cultural Arts and Technology Center, Abundance Grace and Mercy Deliverance Ministries, City of Chester Re-Entry Office, Club Vets Construction, Tag Construction, Hope Empowerment Foundation, KBEC Group Inc., and Umbrella Core Service Agency, would like to present our “Project Potential Project Initiative” for community-based re-entry and support services for women in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

Vision The Positive Potential Project Initiative believes that every returning female citizen should have access to the services and resources necessary to maintain a productive life.

Mission To provide a comprehensive set of progressive support services that address criminogenic risk factors and assist returning female citizens with successful integration and transition, which promotes public safety, reduces recidivism and will help end homelessness.

Hooper Council Positive Potential Project Dawn Chamberlain, Executive Director

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