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Welcome to the Stay In The Know page of the

Chester Cultural Arts & Technology (CAAT) Center! 

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Stay in the know

with The Chester CAAT

Here, we keep you connected and informed about all the exciting opportunities and happenings within and beyond our vibrant community.

At the Chester CAAT Center, we are dedicated to enriching lives through a diverse range of programs, events, and resources. Whether you’re interested in the latest cultural events, workshops, networking opportunities, or educational programs for all ages, this is your go-to hub for everything you need to stay engaged.

Our goal is to ensure that you have all the information you need to fully participate in and enjoy the many facets of the Chester CAAT Center. From exciting youth programs to innovative technology sessions and enriching cultural events, there's always something happening at the CAAT!

Explore all the ways you can stay connected and become an integral part of our dynamic community. Dive into the world of Chester CAAT and stay in the know today!

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The CAAT Chat is a vibrant Facebook group dedicated to sharing resources and events in and around Delaware County, PA. Here, you’ll find a thriving community where members and the Chester CAAT Center collaborate to post and discuss upcoming events, valuable resources, and much more.

Whether you're looking to discover local happenings or share information about family-friendly events,

The CAAT Chat is the place to be. We encourage all members to contribute, ensuring that our group remains a rich source of information and a hub of community engagement.

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CAAT Vision

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CAAT Vision is the Chester Cultural Arts & Technology Center's monthly newsletter that keeps you informed and connected. Each issue brings you the latest updates on all things CAAT, including upcoming events, news, and a spotlight on the inspiring work of local artists, non-profits, and businesses.

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Every month, The CAAT Vision highlights a diverse range of programs and opportunities tailored for youth, young adults, and families. From engaging activities to enriching workshops, our newsletter ensures you stay in the loop with everything happening at the CAAT Center.

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Delivered straight to your inbox, The CAAT Vision is your go-to resource for staying updated and involved in our vibrant community. Subscribe today and never miss out on the

exciting happenings at Chester CAAT!

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