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BABES Brunch Review

In honor of Women’s History Month, we made our BABES Brunch all about the women who inspire us the most! We had a blast at our costume party, where we dressed up as our favorite women from history. Rosa Parks, Maya Angelou, and Michele Obama were just some of the “women” in the building. No word on how they all still look so young!

On top of playing dress up, we also had our signature brunch featuring shrimp, grits, and french toast which all received rave reviews! After eating, we moved on to our butterfly painting session, followed by games to end the afternoon. It’s safe to say a fun (and busy!) day was had by all in attendance.

Special shout out to one of our B.A.B.E.S who turned 7 this weekend! Happy Birthday Intisar, we love you!
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