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Juneteenth Event

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

The CAAT Center would never miss an opportunity to celebrate Juneteenth!

In the spirit of unity, the CAAT commemorated Juneteenth at Memorial Park. We were truly ecstatic to see all of you join us for our culturally inspired workshops, music, and crafts. Our processional into the park included African drummers, dancers, and even a surprise singing cameo from our CEO, Tara Jones. The kids also enjoyed our stilt-walker friends, and were excited to learn more about the craft and how it was done!

At the CAAT, we take pride in our cultural history and artistry! We feel it is always our duty to educate our kids (and their parents) on the true meaning behind not only the holidays we celebrate, but the culture we represent. “To know your future, you must know your past.” We plan on exposing our community to our beautifully complex history, always.

Our Juneteenth Extravaganza will be bigger and better next year! Don’t forget to check the CAAT Center website at for details closer to the date

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