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Madame, We See You

There are so many wonderful women that deserve appreciation and their flowers. Our Madame We See You event was designed to do just that! Annually, designated members of the CAAT team are picked to honor a special woman in their lives. These honorees are women who exude integrity and love while positively molding and guiding the other women in their lives. If just for that day, we were committed to making each honoree feel just how thankful we are!

Kristie Barnes spoke to our hearts with her engaging poetry, while Angel Satchell captivated us all with her dancing. The food- catered by Chef Sir- was delicious, and one of our honorees- Ebony Cunningham- provided the exquisite decorations.

“Give people their flowers while they can still smell them.” We hope you all felt how much you are valued!

Special S/O to our honorees! We love you!

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