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CAAT Center
In-House Youth Programs


The CAAT Center is excited to bring you the “CAAT Klub,” a youth-led social club designed by our teens for our teens! In the spirit of partnership, the CAAT Center joined forces with STEM High School to recruit our first members who then came up with the structure, criteria, and some of the activities we have planned for the coming months. While STEM is the first high school to have a chapter in the CAAT Klub, we will expand to include Chester High beginning Fall 2022.


Adulting... Kinda?

Be on the lookout for “Adulting… Kinda?,”
the first podcast recorded exclusively in our media room.

Meet the hosts, Kiasa and Riley, as they talk about all types of topics ranging from societal pressures put on black women, dating while young, and even hot button topics like the hit show “Euphoria.” Don’t miss a new episode of “Adulting…Kinda?” airing every Friday at 6 pm on Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Play!

Adulting Kinda


Our BABES sessions are always a hit with our young ladies. Brunch with us as we use our (b)eauty (a)nd (b)rains to (e)minate (s)isterhood! From DJ’ing workshops to sharing tips on fashion design, we provide the girls with skills and hobbies that could lead them down a potential career path. Moreover, we provide an open space for the girls to be able to share their thoughts and feelings with adults who will listen. Make sure you sign up your little lady up for our next BABES Brunch!